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[Sticky] New look to FOHAF.COM

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As most everyone has noticed we have put a new look to Weve had the same look for bout 3 years and i know change is hard to get used to but change means progress and moving foward.

Me and gary "goodoyster" spent hours on this new look and are still tweaking it. I know the fonts need to be brighter and so on. Im working on that this weekend.

Also you will notice that profiles are now on the right when you view a thread!

If anyone has any ideas or problems they run into please send me a pm so i can go in and fix it.

Give a big thanks to goodoyster for the help!


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Does this change come with a reformed medicare? Call me old fashion but I didn't vote for change... Sorry I couldn't help myself with the change thing. I'm game for it but it will just take some getting use to. :taz

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I think it looks good!

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welcome to the dark side -- a lil hard on this old eye

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Is there a way that we can go back to the "View active topics" page without having to go back to the the board index first? That was one feature on the old board that I used a lot.


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